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Most homeowners don't realize when they have wind and hail damage to their home!


Natural disasters aren’t exactly unheard of in Texas. Between extreme temperatures and severe storms, any number of disasters have the potential to do damage to your home.

In addition to restoring wear, tear, and deterioration, J.D. Taylor Contracting also routinely works on all types of weather related repair projects in Tarrant County, TX and the surrounding areas. We’ll come in, assess the situation and set to work returning your property to its former glory. By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a beautiful, livable home you can be proud of! We also provide home restoration in Tarrant County, TX.

Restoration Estimate

Damage happens in several different ways. We will provide a detailed estimate of the damage and what it's going to take to repair your home.

Insurance Coverage

Repair or replace your roof, covered by insurance. Our team is highly experienced in dealing with the insurance companies to make sure that whats needed is covered.

Project Planning

Planning the project is the most important part of getting you from disaster to recovery. We will work with you and create a timeline to fit your needs.

Project Support

You can count on us to do the job right. We offer Lifetime Workmanship Warranties along with the Good Contractors $10,000.00 third party warranty.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you! - Joe Taylor